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Start of the Spring Semester

Yesterday was the first day of school!

My classes so far have been very interesting.

Over the break I found out that I can graduate a semester early! So with that said, this semester is going to be a stressful one.

This semester I’m taking 3 Psychology courses a music class and a Spanish class! One of the most interesting classes I am taking is called Psychology of the Offender.

The class is similar to a Forensic Psychology so it should be pretty cool.

My Spanish teacher is awesome, she is the Department Head and hilarious. I felt comfortable in her class right off the bat.




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Oh Man…

So for some reason we’ve received a ton of rain in Denton this semester.

Usually I don’t mind it, but since there has been so much of it I’m staring to get a little irritated lol.

Other than the rain here are some things that have happened in the past month:

1. I turned 21

2. My Puppy Sanjaya graduated from Puppy school, and received the most improved award.

3. I became a line backer on my Sororities flag football team.

4. School has been going well, just really busy with mid-terms.

5. My sorority celebrated our formal, homecoming and we initiated our Alpha members, making Alpha Delta Pi the biggest chapter at UNT.

6. Lastly, I learned how to make tortilla soup.

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Good week!

So this semester I really feel like I have a good grip on things.

My classes are awesome, my teachers are hilarious…

Commuting to campus isn’t bad at all… I was really worried that driving back and forth would be a problem but it is actually kind of nice… Hopefully I will continue to feel that way throughout the Semester!

This week I was really overwhelmed with all of the things I needed to get done… After sitting down and making a check list I felt a whole lot better…

Its Friday and I have 4 out of the 5 things I need done by Monday…

I’m really excited to finally get to spend the week relaxing!

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Recruitment, Bid Day, Starting School!

Oh my gosh, the end of the Summer was CRAZY.

First my Sorority and I had what’s called Recruitment, which is our way of meeting new members who are interested in being in a Sorority.

Recruitment is a lot of hard work but it pays off in the end, because the last day of Recruitment is… BID DAY!!!!

Bid day is where we celebrate our new members! This year we took out a yacht on Lake Lewisville!

It was so much fun getting to know everyone!

Then Monday started our first week of classes, My classes are awesome, all of my teachers seem like they are going to be really cool 🙂

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Okay so about a week ago my Aunt took me to Ikea….

It was my first time going there….

I’ve never wanted to purchase more nick knacks and furniture in my life…

I ended up buying a drawer set, 4 huge picture frames, 6 towels a bath room mat, a lamp and this stain glass thing that I still do not know how to assemble…

So speaking of assembling… I had no idea that they expected you to be able to build all the furniture yourself. I thought my job for that day was to be a shopper…not a carpenter lol….

So after 9 long hours, which ended with a call to the boyfriend, mostly everything I purchased was assembled…

Made me think about just buying the whole set-up set of things next time lol.

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So this weekend was my cousin’s wedding.

Durring the ceremony a family member came in and told my sister and I that he heard barking comming from a drainage area.

We quickly rushed outside to see that there were 3, 3 month old puppies stuck under the draining bridge.

The Fire dept. came out and quickly helped us get the puppies out from that area and get them fed and give them water.

Since Friday, 2 of the three puppies have been adopted.

I think I’m going to keep the last one, she’s super adorable.

Who would of thought that my Cousin’s Wedding would be the prelude to my sister and I rescuing 2 dogs  and adding one to our family lol.

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Summer Time :)

Okay so over the past month, I’ve been relaxing and taking it easy for the Summer.

I started my first official UNT Summer class. It’s a lot of fun. I have a really great professor who makes the class really interesting and easy to grasp.

A lot of my friends are back home in my home town. It’s been so great getting to see all of them and catch up.

On Sunday we are going to the Rangers Game to celebrate one of my best friends, Andrea’s Birthday 🙂

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So last week was Spring Break 🙂

Needless to say I spent the entire week at home eating home cooked meals and sleeping until Noon everyday. It was Awesome.

My friends from High School were in town also, so we spent a couple of nights hanging out and catching up with one another!

My sister got a new Lab puppy named “Charlie” he’s super cute and a complete rascal at the same time.

Other than that my Spring break was pretty mellow, I don’t think I’d want to have it any other way 🙂

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Recruitment Retreat!

This weekend is my sororities’ recruitment retreat.

Recruitment is the name for the time period in which we look for new women to join our sisterhood.

Basically what we do at this retreat is travel to one of our sorority sister’s house and get taught all of the information that she has learned from our District leadership conference about Recruitment.

Our chapter has a needs assessment in which all new women who are interested in joining are required to meet, such as: Scholarship, service, level of involvement on campus, and leadership skills throughout the community.

Other than doing all of our fun Recruitment workshops learning new things, the retreat gives us a chance to reconnect as a whole chapter!!!

We usually don’t make it to bed before 3:00 AM because we all get wrapped up in telling funny stories and joke about the past semester.

Talk to ya later!!


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Boy’s Bid Day

This past Sunday was UNT’s IFC Bid Day.

Bid Day is a celebration of Greek organizations extending a bid (Formal invitation to join thier Organizations, whether it’s a Fraternity or a Sorority) to their New Members.

Fraternity Bid Day’s are celebrated a little bit different from the Sororities’ Bid Day.

During our Bid day we hang out solely with our own sisters and Celebrate by doing a fun activity (We went Ice Skating for our last Bid Day).

During their Bid Day, we wake up early in the morning and go to our favorite Fraternity house and get one of their Bid Day shirts to wear for the day.

After we all mix and mingle and change into out shirts we head to their activity which is called “Steps”.

We all drive down together to Shrader Pavilion and gather around the Gazebo.

All of the members who recieve a bid line up on the Gazebo.

Once their name and Fraternity is called, they jump off of the Gazebo into the crowd of their new brothers where they are safely let down on to the ground.

IFC Bid Day is a fun Day for everyone, not only do we get  free t-shirt, but we get to spend time together as an entire Greek community.

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